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  1. There are several ways in which we have a relationship with God.
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This covenant was made with the Jewish people while they were still in the wilderness — long before they entered the Promised Land. In Deuteronomy chapters , Moses declared to the entire nation of Israel that if they remained loyal to God in the land they were about to enter, the Almighty would bestow upon them manifold blessings, and they would flourish in their Promised Land. On the other hand, if they turned away from the Lord, they would be driven out of Israel to endure a bitter exile to the land of their enemies.

These four verses in Jeremiah are part of an ongoing theme throughout the Book of Jeremiah.

There are several ways in which we have a relationship with God.

Jeremiah makes this clear when he proclaims,. In the 31st chapter of the Book of Jeremiah, the prophet continues to contrast the exodus from Egypt with the messianic age. As declared by every Jewish prophet, the covenant that God forged with the Jewish people is eternal. It can never be broken. No words in the Christian Bible or interpolation of the Jewish Scriptures can ever change this eternal oath.

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed this vow more than 2, years ago,. Thus says the Lord: If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth below can be explored, then I will reject all the offspring of Israel because of all they have done. The book of Hebrews does not merely misquote Jeremiah, but changes entirely the verse to fit its anti-Judaic agenda, changing the text to read:. When New Testament authors crudely tamper with the Jewish Scriptures, do they not advertize that they possessed little integrity? Moses declared that these commandments are eternal.

They stand fast forever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness. Moreover, the prophets foretold that the Jewish people will observe the commandments of the Torah after the messiah arrives. And I shall give them one heart, and shall put a new spirit within them. And I shall take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh, that they may walk in My statutes and keep My ordinances, and do them.

Then they will be My people, and I shall be their God. My servant David will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd. They will follow my laws and be careful to keep my decrees. For example, do Jews who convert to Christianity refrain from kindling a fire or carrying any object on the Sabbath day?

The Bible explicitly states that these practices are forbidden Exodus ; Jeremiah ? Scriptural Sabbath observance is abandoned entirely in Messianic congregations. Strangely, the messianic movement only observes rabbinic rituals and traditions, not the commandments clearly outlined in the Torah. Yet, why do they practice what is forbidden if they insist the messiah has already come?


Who, in reality, diligently and joyfully adheres to these life-giving precepts? The faithful remnant of the Jewish people — the nation that utterly rejects the core teachings of Christianity. In fact, the central messianic prophecy in the Bible declares that the children of Israel will diligently keep the commandments during the messianic age see Ezekiel above. The appalling sin of idolatry; they violated the first two of the Ten Commandments.

The Jewish people worshiped alien gods that their fathers had not known. They indulged in idol worship and imitated the heathen practices of their gentile neighbors. Let us consider whether a pious Jew ever read the thirty-first chapter of Jeremiah, and as a result was somehow moved to convert to Christianity. Show him no pity. Do not spare him or shield him. Do Jews convert to Christianity because of the teachings of their ancestors? Can the doctrine of the Trinity be found in the Book of Jeremiah, or by any other prophet in Tanach?

Hebrew-Christians learn and adopt their Church doctrines from the gentiles who evangelized them — just as prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures. They considered Christian teachings viable because they knew so little about the faith they abandoned. Sincerely yours, Rabbi Tovia Singer. As a postscript, our readers should be excited to know, that the author of this letter, who has spent many years of his life as a Hebrew—Christian, has returned to the truth and beauty of the Jewish faith. Pink, Arthur W. Role Play Program for Teenagers. For readers who are unfamiliar with this subject, I will briefly explain your series of questions.

Deuteronomy states that the original husband may never come back to his twice-divorced wife. Jeremiah Will He remain angry forever? Will He keep it to eternity? Matthew Hebrews It is exceedingly difficult, if not quite impossible, for us to form any adequate conception of the serious obstacles presented to the mind of a pious Jew, when any one sought to persuade him that Judaism had been set aside by God and that he must turn his own back upon it.

He is simply drawing the conclusion clearly conveyed in the Book of Hebrews. Isaiah Psalm Ezekiel Deuteronomy His mercy endures forever. To whom was Jesus speaking? He was speaking to the Jesus had promised them they would sit on thrones ruling Israel. These places are reserved in heaven for the 12 to occupy in the kingdom. This has nothing to do with the Church since it did not exist. Kiko, Your comment is without Biblical support.

Jesus promised the Twelve they would rule over the 12 tribes of Israel Matthew God promised His Son will reign over Israel as King in the land which He gave to the nation as an eternal possession Zechariah 13, If your comment is correct, man is superior to and sovereign over God. He has declared Israel will repent and become a nation of priests Exodus Jesus declared He would not, indeed, could not return to earth until the Jews repented Matthew This is the whole point of Galatians.

My study has just begun but I have found that salt was used in covenants. Is there anything you could do to direct me? It is mentioned three times. When men ate together they became friends. Covenants were generally confirmed by sacrificial meals and salt was always present. Since, too, salt is a preservative, it would easily become symbolic of an enduring covenant. Salt adds flavor to foods and is a preservative.

It promotes healing and is essential to regulate blood pressure and volume. Muscles and nerves need it to work properly. God has given animals a desire for it, e. It enhances but is undesirable eaten by itself. Does New Testament and New Covenant mean the same thing? Since we are on Covenants…Noah has one. Thanks, you write so clearly and to the point. Joe, Yes, they are the same.

On the flood—perhaps, even probably. Genesis 1. Does God has a plan to unify us , since we are all sons of Abraham?

Platt, God has blessed the Arabs. God spoke to Abraham about this in Genesis The Abrahamic covenant is still operational so that all who bless Jews God will bless. Finally, in the future, Arabs will be blessed as all the Gentile nations will be blessed through Israel in the kingdom Zechariah 8.

Oh, you must be talking about the zealous persecutor and murderer Saul of Tarsus , who claimed to have encountered a brilliant light on the road to Damascus not unlike the brilliant light allegedly seen by Joseph Smith, Jr. Saul of Tarsus is the ravenous wolf Yeshua talked about in Matthew 7. Father YHWH was very good at telling His people about things to come, but are we to believe He totally dropped the ball, when it came to telling His people and the nations about a new hope and new messiah — Saul of Tarsus!.

All these supported and trusted Paul. As to the gospel, Peter declared in Acts Are you a Christian, John? If you do, you know that the Resurrected Christ elected his biggest enemy to perform the greatest work for the Church. He was deemed worthy enough by God to be shown heaven and hell. When it comes to credentials, Paul is probably topping the list. And can anyone be rightly related to God unless in a covenant?

Your thoughts please…. Jim, Yes. We are beneficiaries of the New Covenant 2 Corinthians 3. It was established through the death and resurrection of Christ and we have been given the indwelling Holy Spirit. However, the New Covenant was known Jeremiah Paul wrote that the Church, the body of Christ, was unknown.

It was a secret, unrevealed organism until God revealed it to him Ephesians 3. He wrote continually that we are brought into relationship with God by faith. Can you help me to better understand Matthew 16 because Jesus uses both the kingdom of heaven and the church. Thanks and God Bless. Kevin, Jesus ministered to Jews Romans He taught that the long-anticipated earthly kingdom of the prophets was near Matthew 6.

This group would enter the kingdom of heaven. Its meaning must be determined by context. The Church, which is His body, is composed mainly of Gentiles and did not exist until Paul. They are two distinct groups. See my article, The Church the body of Christ for more. Thankyou for all the information you share online God is using it along with his word to fill me with a passion that I have been lacking for awhile. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? Thanks so much! In my time with the Lord this morning, it hit me again! I understand that this question is asking about the Messiah specifically but would like to add that the Gospel starts right in Genesis 3 where the promise of the seed is made.

Also the promise of a prophet just like Moses is made in Deutoronomy already. So while those references are not to a King or Messiah, they are definitely to the One who was to come. King, Yes, the promise of redemption, of salvation, begins in Genesis 3.


This is why Cain was rejected. Very helpful article; thanks. Regarding the Mosaic Covenant, is it still in effect for Israel, or was it annulled? Reynold, Thank you. The believer then comes under the administration of grace, not Law Romans 6. The Temple will be rebuilt and they will again offer animal sacrifices. So it is likely the Law will be fully operational.

When Israel repents and accepts her Messiah, the nation will be established in the earthly kingdom Matthew 6. In that arrangement, the Law will be written on the heart Jeremiah 31; Ezekiel I really appreciate your writings. I have read all of them many times. I want to internalize fundamental principles in order to facilitate my understanding of the scriptures. Is Salvation by Grace a significant blessing to Gentiles? If the answer is yes then did Israel have any role in the blessing?

Was Jesus a Jew? Was the Apostle Paul a Jew? Did Christ establish a New Covenant? Was the Church, the body of Christ, founded on the basis of covenant? The Church, the Body of Christ, is a new creation, a secret God revealed to and through the apostle Paul. Therefore I believe the Gentile blessings were based on the New Covenant. Chuck, When God established the Abrahamic covenant He set in motion a plan whereby all divine blessing would come through the Jews—Israel. The primary agent of these blessings was Christ. When the Jews rejected their Messiah, no provision existed for God to bless Gentiles.

But God chose Paul as anticipatory of redeemed Israel so as to fulfill the Abrahamic covenant. He commissioned Paul as the apostle of the Gentiles and created the Church, the body of Christ through him. The Church is a creation of grace, not of covenant. Covenants belong to Israel. The Church does share in the blessings of the New covenant, however, for its blessings are spiritual. Don, Thank you for your work on the covenants of Israel.

I appreciate the manner in which you write about all this history — it is concise and relevant. I have a question about your statement regarding ongoing animal sacrifices in the Messianic Kingdom. Therefore, reading that animal sacrifices to atone for sin will continue in the Messianic Kingdom seems to contradict the verses in Hebrews and is difficult and puzzling for me to understand. John, Thank you. I did a little work on the article. This seems to be their role in the Millennium for Israel.

They will keep the Law and become a nation of priests. The sacrifices will reveal faith as keeping them will be an act of obedience. Question: Are the Jews according to the revelation given to Paul, part of the body of Christ, as defined by Paul. This doctrine of the covenant is incredibly unbiblical! What a disaster of a job done on the truth of the covenant. As Ephesians says that there is one Spirit, there is one God, one baptism, there is also only one covenant. Not all of Israel are of Israel Romans That explains the truth of the covenant and a biblical understanding that you can properly apply to the rest of scripture.

David, The entire human race was under the Noahic covenant. Beyond that, only Israel was under covenants. The Church has NO covenants. The Church is under the administration of grace, not covenants. Israel is Jews. There are no exceptions. Israel always and only refers to Jews. Not a single Scripture supports the view that the Church is Israel. Furthermore, to have such a view destroys all hope understanding Paul.

Is it true that the sabbath could not be kept outside of the land of Israel? I heard someone saying that and it would be amazing to figure out how to come to this conclusion! The primary purpose of the Sabbath was a day of rest. God gave the Sabbatic covenant in Exodus Perhaps other readers could provide more insight? Thanks for your answer! I really appreciate that!

The article was very helpful! If someone else could share more insight about this issue, it would be great! Don, I gave been reading your articles for a few months and I have to tell you that they have been incredibly useful for me and I have a much clearer understanding of scripture as a result. One of the questions that intrigues me greatly is whether the Jews are under a covenant now and what covenant that is.

You indicate that you believe they find righteousness through the gospel of grace that Christ revealed to Paul. But I still wonder whether that means that the covenant based on Torah observance has really been revoked? Jews are certainly welcome to join the body of Christ by recognizing Christ as Messiah, but if Jews are expected to be repentant and even return to Torah, would it not be possible that Torah observance continues to be a path to righteousness for Jews? I guess I struggle with the notion that the offering of grace to Gentiles requires the revocation of Torah for Jews.

Your comments on this would be appreciated. My last question: what are your thoughts on the establishment of modern Israel and the very concrete ingathering of Jews it represents? My humble thought: God is still very much active in the destiny of his people Israel which demonstrates abiding covenant. Kitsune, Thank you. The prophetic, covenant program is on hold. That status will continue as long as the Church, the body of Christ, is on the earth. When it is removed, the way will will be open for the return of the prophetic, covenant program God established with Israel.

The modern state of Israel is stage-setting, a preview of things to come. God keeps His promises and at the end of the events of Revelation 19 will establish His kingdom and fulfill the covenant promises to Israel Matthew 6. Footnote 5 is listed under the Palestinian Covenant, at the end of the second paragraph, and it is linked to footnote 5 at the end of the article.

But under the New Covenant, at the end of the third paragraph there is another footnote 5 which should probably be changed to a 6. That 5 is linked to footnote 6 at the end of the article. Minor details, I know, but I just realized it while reading and reviewing the New Covenant section this morning. Thanks again for the wealth of information you provide and your diligence to study the Word of God.

Don, Thanks for your website here — I love that it challenges me to investigate Scripture more deeply as I know that God calls us to be diligent as well as to study… so to be rightly dividing the Word of Truth 2Tim rather than just accept. Tom, This may be found in many places. Hi bro Don, I understand that Christ has forgiven our sins past present and future, but when we sin after we get saved when we sin , do we lose fellowship with God? Does Jesus expect us to confess, own up to the sin and say sorry? He taught believers to repent when we sin 2 Corinthians 7.

Don, thanks for this article.

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I am really learning. During Messianic Kingdom, are there Gentiles be saved? Elvie, Yes. See Zechariah 8. This will be the complete fulfillment of the great commission of Matthew A lot of people insist that Christ will fulfill it with the Rapture of the Church. This breaks the pattern. The first four feasts are connected by meaning and by time. Regarding the last three feasts the same is true. The three are in the seventh month… And they are all Feasts of Israel, not the Church!

Please, give me your thoughts on it. Send me a link… anything! I just want to understand it better! Bruno, I have not studied the feast of trumpets so I can provide no insight into its fulfillment. Clearly, it has nothing to do with the Rapture since it is a Jewish festival. This seems to be a pretty good study. Then you can educate me! If the presence of just one of them in glory could explain the necessity of the reinstitution of sacrifices — to cleans the temple area due Ezekiel — imagine the presence of both!

Bruno, God the Father is largely hidden. God the Son is the visible member of the Godhead. So, no, I do not think the Father will be visible in the Messianic kingdom. Iam a little confussed as there are many programs aimed at helping to relocate displaced Jews but how do we know specifically where the jews are and who they are. In Duet. Reading this it seems to point to the slaves brought to America and other places around the world. I just would like some clarification regarding Duet.

Jen, The curses of Deuteronomy 28 have taken place through military defeats of Israel. These culminated in the defeat of the northern kingdom to the Assyrians and the fall of the southern kingdom to the Babylonians. The Jews have been under the heel of Gentile powers since then. God reestablished Israel as a nation in and Jews have been returning to the land. But the prophetic promise of Deuteronomy When this occurs, the Lord will return Matthew I do not see any free will of man in this case, Israel in these verses.

Maybe God taking away the partial blindness Paul spoke of in the context of Rom. Rob, Human and divine wills work in tandem.

In the Tribulation the gospel of the kingdom will revive Matthew Every Jew must repent for Him to return Acts 2. Christians have begun believing they are the real Jews. Nonsense of course as James says to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. But my concern is this one. We know from the word that only a remnant escape during the 7 year tribulation and I assume these are the real Jews. It appears that the Jews run and control the world in all financial areas Seat of satan and these are those Jews who call themselves Jews but are not. We are not anti Israel at all but have wondered about those who call themselves Jews but are not.

Askanzis, Edomites, etc. It appears to us that way back in Jesus days the enemy began this and much of the Jews we see in Israel are not real Jews. It is these Jews that started the Hebrew roots and now we see much of so call Christendom wishing to learn and understand their Hebrew Roots. Another form of apostasy. What is your take on this. Functional differences remain, of course, i. When a Jew believes, he becomes a member of the body of Christ. When a Gentile believes, he becomes a member of the body of Christ.

Christians are not Jews. I suspect that I think Revelation 3. There is a lot of deception regards Israel. I have responded many times to the claim that Jews are only Judah. This is false doctrine. God warned of this when He gave the Abrahamic covenant Genesis Notice Genesis Hebrew Roots is deception. If believers would stick with Paul, all would be clear. Deviate from him and you can be deceived. How do you see the issue of the ten commandments being first mentioned on Exodus 34 in regarding to the mainly accept ten commandments of Exodus 20?

But what about Exodus 20? In Exodus Could it be that on one side there was Exodus 20 and on the other side Exodus 34? The ten commandments covenant with Israel in Exodus 34 is so much more Jewish, and makes much more sense to me rather than assume that in Exodus 20 God is screaming his covenant with Israel from the top of Mt Sinai Exodus Bruno, Note who wrote Exodus The first contained the commandments of Exodus 20 cf. Deuteronomy 5. The second contained new commandments God gave Moses. They dealt more with ritual than ethics. Thank you for your very useful articles.

The other covenants seem to be named in the context of the promise that they make or the person involved. The true Jesus did not call Paul. Paul was a self proclaimed apostle, an admitted lier who was never taught by or met the real Jesus. And this man, blinded by a light, unable to see whose hes talking with; this man never saw the real Jesus in the flash, nor was he taught by true Jesus and never even consulted with those who did see and was taught by the true Jesus.

Apparently, you believe these men were false witnesses. If you are correct, there is no Christianity, no Church, and no New Testament. If Paul is false then God is a liar which we know God is not. Romans 3 verse 4. God has and will preserve his word. The Abrahamic covenant placed no performance obligations on Israel.

The Gentile blessing comes through Christ alone. New Covenant: Does not the New Covenant have dual application: spiritual and physical. The blessing came through Jesus, not Paul. Is not the seminal event the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit which defines the Age. Greg, Are you saying that blessings of the Abrahamic covenant assumed disobedience? It was unconditional but will not be fulfilled until national Israel repents.

This is what the Gospels are all about. No one knew the significance of the torn veil until Paul. For example, Peter did not proclaim it at Pentecost. It was Jew only, not Jew and Gentile. Peter addressed only Jews at Pentecost. The Church, the body of Christ, was a Pauline revelation according to Ephesians 3. The Abrahamic covenant was given to Abraham and his seed.

His seed is Christ in the context of the Pauline epistles. Galatians Abraham also has a physical seed in the Gospels. There are two kingdoms: kingdom of heaven earthly and kingdom of God heavenly. Jesus gave away the kingdom of God to a people who would produce fruit. Then, at this fullness, Christ will remove His own 1 Cor ,52 and then the Lord will activate His plans moving Israel toward the Kingdom, as He refines the remnant as silver through the Tribulation with a view toward the deliverance.

The physical aspect of the Abrahamic covenant will see fulfillment in the Millennial Kingdom. The Church was indeed a Pauline revelation. The timing of his revelation had no bearing on its appearance. A mystery unknown has no bearing on the reality of its truth. Granted there appear to be transistional types of salvation in Acts. There appears to be a transitional form of salvation in Revelation too, when compared to Jeremiah Rev ; However, this age is all about the mystery of Christ indwelt.

It is the age of Pentecost, the new creation in Christ. The gospels are fully Jewish, as are Hebrews and the following epistles through Revelation. They are doctrinally written to the Jew. Paul assures them that this was not the case. I very much appreciate your depth of doctrinal understanding and aspire to know the word of God as well as you! Greg, Thank you and I agree. But we must be careful. The Abrahamic covenant of Genesis 12 dealt with blessing and progeny, physical and spiritual. However, in its expanded sense, e. Salvation by faith alone would not have been known.

The rent veil signified God had removed the barrier between Himself and man and that Christ had defeated sin and death. But no one would have known this had God had not revealed it to Paul. Grace and peace. The kingdom promises of Genesis 15 appear as unconditional. In fact the land promise of verse 15 was accomplished. It is done. It will be fulfilled in the Millennium. I agree that Israel will repent. It is the goodness of God which will be associated with this repentance.

In the book of Revelation, true Israel 1 have the faith and testimony of Jesus, and 2 keep the commandments of God. These people will have repented. God will remove that blindness, soon. Perhaps it is syntax, but for me, I believe the scriptures say that God revealed the church mystery to Paul. The church is the body of Christ. It is a mystery disclosed to Paul by Jesus. The Church was not created on the basis of a covenant. I agree.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the sign of the Church, is the free gift based on faith alone. Gifts are not associated with obligations covenant obligations. Access to the Holy of Holies by way of the blood of Jesus was available. Between the time of tearing until years later, believers could approach God, through Christ in prayer.

Jesus was intercessing before Paul knew the mystery. It was effective prayer. I am reminded of 1 Kings and Romans Isaiah thought he was all alone in Israel as one who had not bowed a knee to Baal. He was not alone, as God had reserved 7, others. You and I agree that God is able to act independently and accomplish his plans in spite of our knowledge.

God calls. People respond. I would rather give the glory to Jesus than Paul in regard to Church creation. In Christ,. Greg, I think you are confusing Godward and manward sides of the issue. The covenant was unconditional in the sense God alone made it. He declared it would happen. However, it could not happen until Israel repented. The Abrahamic covenant has only partially been completed.

Israel has not repented. The same is true about the veil.

Lesson Series

It does no good for something to be if it is unknown. Peter did not preach that the barrier between God and man was removed. He did not preach to Gentiles at Pentecost. He knew nothing of the significance of the rent veil. God knew Israel would not repent and planned to create the Church through Paul. But God kept this secret. Had Israel repented the story would be entirely different. You might want to read Paul: Chief of Sinners? Christ gets the glory period. God gave the Law through Moses.

Moses dispensed it to Israel. God formed the Church through Paul and gave him that revelation. Paul was obedient to his commission as Moses was to his. As there would have been no Law apart from Moses, there would have been no Church apart from Paul. You use the future tense. The literal reading is not future, but past. NO conditions. This is your Godward side.

You understand the contractual concepts of bilateral and unilateral contracts. As an old lawyer, I am intimately familiar with the law and its interpretation. Your articles provide great doctrinal insights. I very much appreciate your immense efforts. I am having difficulty reconciling some of your statements and conclusions. The Abrahamic covenant is a unilateral contract. Under contract law a unilateral contract only requires the performance of one party, the maker. Conditions to contracts may occur before or after the unilateral performance becomes contractually obligated.

These are known as conditions precedent and subsequent to contract covenant formation. Show me the conditions in the OT. I agree that Israel will repent in the future and following that repentance, God will act on His promises. They will repent when God removes their blindness. Romans Because of unbelief, God judged Israel and temporarily broken off the olive branch. I agree the Abrahamic covenant has been is being partially fulfilled.

Romans 11 is very clear why Israel did not and has not repented yet. I have studied the 1 Timothy 1. You paraphrase 1 Timothy omitting materially important content. I fear that you have crafted a private interpretation. Paul was first in the sense of beginning the pattern of suffering for Christ. It was his longsuffering for the burden of the word of God as a pattern. Jesus said anyone who testifies of Him would suffer. The scriptures confirm this fact: Acts , Philippians , Colossians Suffering, long suffering is the pattern for those who are saved.

Acts As for Saul, he made havock of the church, entering into every house, and haling men and women committed them to prison. I am perplexed with the disputes over the timing of church formation. Regardless of the differences in the details of apparent differing salvation methods, which are noted throughout Acts, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is shared event. I just cannot reconcile your method of church formation analogy based on 1 Timothy In conclusion, you often refer to Peter preaching the Kingdom of Heaven and not church in support of your Paul church formation position as a proof.

God did write a substantial portion of the NT for Tribulation Jews. That is the doctrinal focus of the gospels and Hebrews through Revelation. This is the reason you cannot find anything on the Church with Peter. Greg, I have stated the Abrahamic covenant was unconditional, unilateral. The question becomes if it has been completely fulfilled, and if not, why not. The Scriptural reason it has not is Israel has not repented. Jesus made this clear in Matthew Peter made it clear in Acts 2.

For example, in Luke But we know this is future, according to Revelation With regard to 1 Timothy, Paul is the pattern, not longsuffering. I recommend you reread the article because you apparently missed the companion passage, 1 Corinthians 3. Context determines its meaning. The Ephesians 3 passage is extremely clear that the Church, the body of Christ, was unknown before Paul. Peter addressed only Jews. Even as late as Acts The definition of the Church according to Paul is the organism in which Jew and Gentile are equal in Christ.

Peter had no interest in Gentile evangelism. He addressed Jews only. The promise of the Church does not exist in the OT or Gospels. Read Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel It is clear that you and I cannot agree on the literal words or proper context of 1 Timothy You have omitted some words and changed the plain meaning of others. This is akin to litigating a controversy based on the law of two differing jurisdictions without a judge.

There is no possible judicial result which carries any meaningful value. Freedom from error is paramount. Error chills rhema revelation. Teachers are held to a higher standard of care. The matter will be resolved at the Bema seat. Greg, I have no wish to argue but that I have omitted words or changed the meaning is a false charge.

As a lawyer, you should know better. You apparently do not know basic grammar. The subject of 1 Timothy 1. This is straightforward, simple, exegesis. You have chosen not to address 1 Corinthians 3. So be it. I can lead the horse. I am quite aware of the higher standard God holds for teachers. For that reason, I am careful. When I become aware of error, I correct it. I will say in all frankness that unless one understands God began something new with the apostle Paul and revealed to him secrets the Lord had not disclosed through the prophets and in His earthly ministry, the understanding of many Scriptures will remain veiled.

My purpose is to remove the veil. Don, outstanding article. Mark Twain is the pen name of Samuel clements. Thank you much. Peace and Grace. Jean I have no connection to Doctrine but as a believer seeing how another believer gets excited about Gods word make some so happy. This site helped us so much when we set out directed by God to search the scriptures. Take care.

Jacob's Contract with God | My Jewish Learning

It was not clear what chapter those verses come from, though I was able to figure it out. Also, I just finished re-reading your preceding article on Covenant Theology. You quote Gal. The year number was from the birth of Issac to the Exodus. I am okay with that. Jochabed — born in Egypt Num. Levi lived year, the early years in Canaan. Kohath lived years, and Amram lived years.

So as I see it, the Israelites could not have been in Egypt for or even years. Yet Gen. Your thoughts?