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2. For reuse, expose the business logic within the systems

French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters Monday that US tech companies paying the tax would be able to deduct it, according to Reuters. In Google's written testimony against the tax, Nicholas Bramble, the company's trade policy counsel, called it "a sharp departure from long-established tax rules. In July, Trump hinted that French wine could be subject to a new tariff thanks to what he called Macron's "foolishness" over the French taxation laws. I've always said American wine is better than French wine!

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It will be a probe, the same kind that led to new tariffs on China last year. Over the past decade, the French government and the European Union have been investigating Apple , Google , Amazon and Facebook to determine whether they pay enough in taxes. Netflix, Amazon and Twitter declined to comment.

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And, like nearly everything else these days, technology has a hand in it. Some groups may be trying to crack the code on immortality, like Calico, a company started by Google and Apple to research how to prolong the human lifespan. Others are using software to try to solve more tractable problems.

He is working on a stealthy startup, Mylestoned , tied to how we remember the dead. At the same time, more people are opting for cremation , in part, he argues, because they want their lives honored in a different way, perhaps by having their ashes scattered into the sea.

But his company is certainly not the only one hatching new ways to deal with death in the digital age. At the same time, people are becoming more cognizant of death and its role in life, Balter says. Other tech startups are trying to help people prepare for their own deaths.

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Cake developed an app that helps guide users through end-of-life planning, including giving them a checklist of recommended steps like designating a healthcare proxy and buying life insurance, and allowing them to create an online handbook of posthumous preferences and wishes for loved ones, doctors, and lawyers to carry out. The year-old company is led by Suelin Chen , an MIT-trained materials scientist and engineer who has worked as a research assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital and directed The Laboratory at Harvard, a center for arts and sciences experimentation.

Another startup, Israel-based SafeBeyond , recently launched a service that allows users to create an online vault of important documents and messages that can be shared posthumously with loved ones. With SafeBeyond, people can record video or audio messages or type up letters that will be released to their heirs upon a predetermined triggering event. Like many startups, the idea for SafeBeyond was born of personal experience. Zur, a native of Israel, was 25 when he lost his father to cancer in What would my father have said about that?

The study concludes with recommendations for new design possibilities for email clients to better support how email is used. Interruptions and distractions continue to plague the workplace by killing productivity and causing stress. Here are some of the most recent findings. Should you turn your phone notifications off when working? This study explores levels of inattention and hyperactivity when smartphone notifications are left on or turned off in the workplace.

Notifications drive higher levels of inattention, which in turn, lowers productivity.

Tech Reduces Exposure to People

Response to smartphone notifications can be influenced by presentation, alert type, sender-recipient relationship as well as the type, completion level and complexity of the task in which the user is engaged. Can you please pass me the bowl of … smartphones? This study examined attitudes about mobile phone use at meals, which has become a source for tension in many families.

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It found that attitudes differ depending on the particular phone activity and on who at the meal is engaged in that activity, children versus adults. Give me a break? This paper extends research on productivity in the workplace to consider the break habits of knowledge workers and explore opportunities of break logging for personal informatics, offering an understanding of the benefit workers desire when they take breaks, and presenting insights into the effect of work breaks on productivity, as well as recommendations.

How We Cope with Digital Technology | Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics

Maintaining focus when using a computer is a major challenge. This study introduces a time awareness application to shows users how they are using their computing time. The study found that increased awareness about which applications people were using does not affect how much time they continue to use those applications. Are you prone to be distracted? Multitasking might be influenced by individual factors, specifically personality, stress and sleep according to this study.

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