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Enterprise Edition - docs. Annotation Attachments: If you are reviewing a document prepared by someone else, and need to provide feedback in the form of a separate file for example, a revised engineering drawing or price list , you may wish to attach these files as annotations, since you can insert these at exact locations within the PDF.

Annotation attachments. Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images. Musical Instrument Digital Interface data.

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CoScribe provides for a very seamless integration of paper with the digital world, as the same digital pen and the same interactions can be used on paper and displays. Browsing links from printed to digital media, but not vice versa. We are developing linking by inking in XLibris, a hypertext system based on the to collaboratively annotate, link and tag both printed and digital documents. Can support all forms of annotation 7 , not only within a digital world, but also across media. Here we present a general model and information server for the digital annotation of printed documents and, by means of a demonstrator application for mammography, discuss how various technologies for digitally augmented paper.

What is another word for pen and paper? Need synonyms for pen and paper?

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  8. Here s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. CoScribe: Integrating paper and digital documents. Java Platform SE 8 - docs. Designing interactive newsprint - ScienceDirect. Smart Technologies today introduced Smart InkScan, a mobile app that converts handwritten artifacts into a digital file that can be edited and shared.

    The app, currently available for iOS devices, allows users to take a photo of notes from any medium — paper, whiteboard, napkin, etc. You can use the Note feature to add notes, similar to paper sticky notes, to your page. Your notes can contain several lines of text, and you can place them wherever you like on a page. You can make notes as large or as small as you like, and then collapse them so that they do not cover any information in the document. You can print production documents and set print options such as fields, footers, annotations, labels, and page orientation in the print job. You can print each document separately or compress multiple documents into a single USB1 - Dynamic annotations for electronics.

    Links between printed and digital documents and for tagging both types of Pen- and-Paper User Interfaces PPUIs , a subset of Tangi- ble User Interfaces 24 enable users to annotate electronic documents by using their printouts. USB1 - System and method for archiving.

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    Working mechanism of Anoto digital pen: The pen's built-in camera. My first real programme. A very simple random-loot-generator that outputs list of loot-findings depending on user input. Interacting with Printed Books Using Digital Pen-and-paper user interfaces bridge the gap between paper and the digital world. Rather than Collaborative Cross-media Annotation of Documents. Create bookmarks automatically.

    The Auto Build Bookmarks feature can totally automate the creation of bookmarks in your PDFs, and with very little effort greatly enhance the usability of the PDFs you publish. Readdle has refreshed its excellent PDF editor for iOS with a rethought user interface, faster search and new editing tools for updating your documents on the go.

    Attribute gates are a new user interface element designed to address the problem of concurrently setting attributes and moving objects between territories on a digital tabletop. Motivated by the notion of task levels in activity theory, and crossing.

    Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces

    If the request is generic, the system can prompt the user to identify the type of annotation to be applied to the document—for example, by presenting a pull down menu, a list with check boxes or radio buttons, or some other interactive user interface through which the user can select a desired annotation. Some annotations are complex examples, comment, tags, link , some are very simple save item, save item plus highlighted text.

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    All kinds of annotations should be very easy to create and the user should be to specify them directly from the web browser environment. Iterative design and evaluation of an event architecture. Designing pen-and-paper user interfaces for interaction with documents hyperlinks between printed and digital documents and for tagging both types of documents. Users can manage, store, and access images, videos, documents, audio clips, and rich media for use on the web, in print, and for digital distribution. Products and Services:. Digital Annotation of Printed Documents 16 Feb Digital pen-and-paper user interfaces bridge the gap between both between printed and digital documents and for tagging both types of ACM has opted to expose the complete List rather than only correct and linked references.

    Ali Mazalek, Turning a page on the digital annotation of physical books,. Get this from a library! Pen-and-paper user interfaces bridge. We are developing linking by inking in XLibris, a hypertext system based on the We present Humboldt, a novel user interface for browsing RDF data. What is another word for pen and paper - WordHippo.

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    Even at the beginning of the 21st century, we are far from becoming paperless. I ve got a problem with using my stylus annotate PDF documents. I m a PhD candidate and I download hundreds of journal articles in pdf form from academic providers. Smart tag: A feature that adds the ability to recognize and label specific data types, such as people s names, within a document and displays an action button that enables users to perform common tasks for that data type. Ali Mazalek, Turning a page on the digital annotation of physical books. While the idea of markup language originated with text documents, there is increasing use of markup languages in the presentation of other types of information, including playlists, vector graphics, web services, content syndication, and user interfaces.

    Pen computing devices provide a natural interface for annotating documents with freeform digital ink. However, digital ink annotations are usually larger and sloppier than real ink annotations on paper. Users write in the zoomed region at a comfortable.

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    Despite their static nature, paper documents still represent one of the preferred way of handling information in different situations, such as in office environments, on the move or in collaboration. In order to overcome the limitations of paper and exploit the advantages of digital interfaces, new technologies for interactive paper have been introduced in recent years.

    Technologies such as the Anoto Digital Pen and Paper enable users to access digital information through interactions with printed copies. Links to digital content and services are defined on paper and activated when users interact with the paper sheet by means of a digital pen. We are exploring a range of different Paper-DIgital interactions that aim at better integrating Paper documents with digital services and appications.

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    In our research we look at Paper-Digital Interactions in a variety of domains, such as healthcare, online social networks, observational research, interaction with wall displays, and augmented office environments, and we study how to best integrate digital aids and paper documents to better support the specific everyday activity. About Us. Paper-Digital Interfaces Paper has been repeatedly recognized as an important medium for exchanging, editing and managing documents throughout the document life-cycle. As Sellen and Harper describe in their book "The Myth of the Paperless Office" "Rather than pursue the ideal of the paperless office, we should work toward a future in which paper and electronic document tools work in concert and organizational processes make optimal use of both.

    Weibel, A. Fouse, C. Emmenegger, W. Friedman, E. Hutchins, and J. Piper, N. Weibel and J.